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    10 Fascinating Facts About Wedding Rings

    10 Fascinating Facts About Wedding Rings

    We are all aware that wedding rings (also known as “wedding bands”) are symbols of eternal love and commitment which a man and a woman make during their wedding vows. These are generally worn to indicate one’s civil status, thus making them a significant part of a person’s life.

    To help you understand the importance of the wedding rings, here are 10 fascinating facts that you should know.

    Interesting Fact#1
    Most wedding rings are worn on the left hand’s fourth finger. It is a tradition that comes from a roman belief stating that the left hand’s fourth finger is the only finger with a vein which directly connects to the heart. It’s also called vena amoris or vein of love.

    Interesting Fact#2
    In some Indian traditions, wedding rings are not worn on the ring finger. In fact, some of the brides are even required to wear a toe ring (bichiya) instead.

    Interesting Fact#3
    Couples in other countries like Germany, India, and Russia prefer to wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of their right hand.

    Interesting Fact#4
    For couples, the circle symbolizes eternity, which means no beginning and no end, like time.

    Interesting Fact#5
    The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is the most expensive ring recorded which amounts to $16.26 million.

    Interesting Fact#6
    The groom’s name is the most commonly engraved word on wedding rings.

    Interesting Fact#7
    The tradition of wearing wedding rings for partners started during World War II where most men wear their wedding ring just to remember their wife back home.

    Interesting Fact#8
    Most men in ancient Rome often gave rings that were adorned with a small key which symbolized the way to a man’s heart.

    Interesting Fact#9
    Gold was considered as the purest and the most valuable metal; that’s why wedding rings were traditionally made from it. It’s the perfect symbol for marriage.

    Interesting Fact#10
    The tradition says that if the groom drops the ring during the ceremony, the marriage will be faced with bad luck.


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