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    8 Interesting Must-Know Pearl Facts

    8 Interesting Must-Know Pearl Facts


    All types of people, from jewelry enthusiasts to those who just want to wear something pretty – have treasured pearls for many years, especially ladies as it is a staple jewelry item. A lot of women and even some men admire the elegant simplicity of pearls, thus plenty are eager to get their hands on one of this precious gemstone.

    There are also a lot of fun facts you might want to know about this gorgeous item. Pearls might be simple to look at, but there are a lot of interesting stories behind them.

    Fun Fact# 1.
    During the medieval period, knights would wear pearls into battle believing that gems could keep them safe from any danger.


    Fun Fact# 2.
    All pearl oysters were born as male and then later transform into a female at around three years of age.


    Fun Fact#3.
    Harvesting pearls from mollusks doesn’t kill the animals, it can be re-implanted and used to create more pearls.


    Fun Fact#4.
    Pearls are the only gemstone created by living animals.


    Fun Fact#5.
    Pearl gemstones take their color from the inner side of the shell they are growing in. They range from purple to black from white to gold.


    Fun Fact#6.
    The oldest pearl jewelry was found in a Persian princess’ sarcophagus; the said princess died at around 520 BC.


    Fun Fact#7.
    The word pearl is derived from the Latin word for the thigh-bone, which was inspired by a thigh-shaped mollusk.


    Fun Fact#8.
    Pearls are also known as the birthstone for people who was born in the month of April.


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