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    December: The Most Popular Month to Get Engaged

    It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. With the cold breeze in the air, the twinkling lights already hung up, and all that merry jolly spirit, December is in full swing. The most festive month is here and Christmas day is fast approaching. Children are already looking forward to opening those huge gifts Santa left under their Christmas trees or in their christmas stockings.

    For people in a serious, committed relationship though, some are also getting eager to pop the question.

    Yes, it seems like Christmas day is the most favored day to ask their significant other the question that would change both their lives. In fact, December, in general, is an extremely popular month to get engaged.

    A study showed that about 18% of engagements happened during the month of December. That is approximately 2.6 million newly engaged couple during this time of month.

    In fact, here is a full list of popular dates to get engaged (according to its popularity)
    1. Christmas Day
    2. Valentine’s Day
    3. Christmas Eve
    4. New Year’s Day
    5. The Saturday before Christmas
    6. Two Saturdays before Christmas
    7. New Year’s Eve
    8. The Friday Before Christmas
    9. December 23rd
    10. July 4th

    Surprisingly, Valentine’s day is not the most popular day to get engaged with only 8% of engagements happening on this day. With the exception of July 4th and Valentine’s Day, the rest of the popular days to get engaged falls in the month of December, specifically during or around Christmas day and the New Year. 

    What is it with this month that makes you want to get engaged?

    Is it the lights? The Christmas joy? Perhaps the fact that families get together this season? Whatever it is, a number of people choose the month of December to get engaged, making this month one of the most romantic months of the year.

    Romance is definitely in the air but making the decision to get married is a huge leap to take. Do not get carried away with the excitement of the holidays, you need to be certain. However, when you do decide to get engaged, get the ring your partner deserves.

    The engagement ring is the symbol of your commitment to your partner and how you choose it shows just how much you know your partner. Besides, this is a ring she will show to her family, your family, and all your friends and colleagues. No pressure.

    Heads up, gentlemen. Here are a few guides to help you choose that perfect engagement ring.

    Know her style

    Understand her style; know her likes and dislikes. Does she like diamonds or does she prefer birthstones? Will she prefer a white gold band or a rose gold one? Whatever it may be, make the decision with her in mind. Your partner will definitely appreciate the fact that you made the extra effort in considering her style when you picked out the ring that you will give her.

    Decide on a budget

    Do not get carried away splurging on a ring you cannot afford. Be realistic. Decide on a budget and work within that budget. An engagement ring is only but a symbol of your promise to your partner. In the end, what is important is you will stay true to that promise.

    Learn the 4 C’s

    If you do decide to go for a diamond ring, learn the 4 C’s. This stands for cut, color, clarity, and carat.  A diamond’s cut is directly related to its beauty. This is because how it is cut affects how the light reflects on the diamond. The color is affiliated to its worth. The lighter the diamond, the more expensive it is. The clarity refers to whether or not there are cracks, called feathers, in the diamond. Finally, the carat, the most visually apparent factor refers to the size of the diamond.

    It is important you learn the 4 C’s so you will not get duped into paying a hefty sum of money for a rather cheap ring. It also shows how you took your time in choosing the right ring.

    Know her ring size

    Imagine getting on one knee, giving your big speech about love and commitment, her saying yes and you putting the ring on her finger only to find out that it does not fit. Bummer, right? Therefore, it is very important for you to know her ring size. Although you can always have it resized, it is extra special to get the size right away. It just shows how much you know your partner.

    Ask a friend

    You can seek for her friends’ opinion on which ring to choose or maybe ask her friends’ help in knowing your partner’s ring size (just to be sure). One can never go wrong in seeking a good friend’s opinion.

    Know the band

    Gold, silver, white gold, rose gold – so many ring bands to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming. Pick the ring band you think your partner will like the most. Also, consider that your partner will be constantly wearing this band. Choose a ring band that goes well with how she dresses on a day to day basis.

    It may seem like getting engaged is centered around the ring. This is because many couples give rings or exchange rings during an engagement.

    So if you are looking into getting engaged this Christmas, you have to start finding that perfect ring. Your gift is basically the representation of the love and commitment you have for your partner so you best choose the perfect ring to represent those sentiments. At Golconda Jewels, they offer several wedding rings and engagement rings. They have a variety of designs to choose from and you can also opt to customize your ring. You can start choosing for the perfect ring your partner deserves here https://www.golcondajewels.com/.

    The Christmas season is a time spent with your family and sharing the blessings you received throughout the year. What better way to celebrate the Christmas season giving love and being loved one by committing yourself to your significant other. Besides, getting engaged is definitely a great way to end the year with a bang and welcome the new year full of promise with the possibility of forever.

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