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    Getting the Wedding Rings

    So, you are getting married and you need a pair of wedding rings. Do you know that it was Pope Innocent, III, in the 12th century, who ordained that a church wedding ceremony must include marriage rings in its rite? Usually, the ring is worn on the 3rd finger of the left hand. If the bride has an existing diamond ring, the wedding ring serves as its ring guard, if she wants to wear the two rings on the same finger;  it’s important that the two rings match, or complete each other which means, that they are more or less of the same design. If they don’t match at all, transfer your engagement ring to your right hand.

    It is best that your wedding rings are customized so you don’t have to go to any jeweler to have the sizes adjusted; that’s additional expense. There are many metals to choose from, silver, white gold, yellow gold or a combination of white gold and yellow gold as two tone rings, platinum, palladium or titanium. State also what type of finish you want the ring to have, plain or matte finish.  Practical couples go for a pair of plain bands, either in white gold or yellow gold. Most doctors opt for additional chain necklace to go with their rings as pendants. Since gold price has skyrocketed lately, those with tight budgets go for a pair of ten carat plain white gold rings, which do not change color or fade, and thick enough to last a lifetime.  Wedding rings don’t have to perfectly match. Most men prefer plain band, ladies want with diamonds.

    Better yet, surf the net for your favored design; go to Philippine jewelry and ask for the price of the pair of rings and the designated karat. Price varies when the ring size is more than size 8, or when the size of the diamond is bigger than what is stipulated and the gold karat ordered is higher than the designated karat.  Have your ring sizes taken. Wider rings require wide sizer. Write bride and groom’s names and complete wedding date, to avoid misspelled names to be engraved in the rings. Plain bands take a few days to make while those with stones can run for a week.

    Visit www.golcondajewels.com or call +63 88 857-1181 to know more about our wedding rings for your special day.

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