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    Golconda Jewels Salutes Year 2011 with an Exquisite Collection of Hand Crafted Wedding Rings

    December 29, 2010 – Golconda Jewels, Philippines – Salutes 2011 with its soft launching of a wide collection of beautiful custom made and hand crafted jewelry in the Philippines. Golconda Jewels the brand for Rosalindas Jewelry is home of the finest antique, pearl, precious stones and bridal jewelry. Rosalinda Jewelry artisans specialize in either simply gold, yellow gold or white gold or the combination of two tones with diamonds for Wedding rings. They also carry Philippine antique jewelry of pre-colonial designs. Their collection of jewelry is of striking design and exceptional quality.

    Golconda Jewels has four collections of fine jewelry. These are the Philippine Antique Jewelry of pre-colonial designs passed on from the year 1800’s, Pearl Jewelry made from South sea Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Mabi Pearls and other freshwater pearls, Precious stones Jewelry made from the four classic stones of nobility-  Diamonds, Rubies, Emerald and Blue Sapphires and Bridal Jewelry in simply gold or with  diamonds for wedding rings  which is engraved with the mate’s name to make the marital symbol more special, significant and romantic. They also accept engagement rings, bridal tiaras, arrhae and coin cord.

    Golconda’s founder, Rosalinda Neri-Marfori P. Caragos, is the great-grand daughter of the very first jeweler of Cagayan de Oro, Ramon Neri in the late 1800s. From the clan’s jewellery heirloom, Ms. Caragos was able to copy her great-grandfather’s Spanish inspired colonial antique designs of tambourine, pinetas, tutubi necklaces, pipa, uod pendant and chandelier earring from earlier period. Her passion for fine jewelry together with Rosalindas Jewelry artisans imaginative designs, skilled eye for beautiful precious stones and uncompromising craftsmanship which is reflected in their exquisite collection of custom made jewelry have preserved their clan’s legacy.

    Rosalinda Jewelry  also accept all kinds of jewelry job orders for men, ladies and children and other services such as jewelry repair, resizing, cleaning and gold electroplating, restrand and stone attachment. They also buy gold dust and scrap gold.


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